Real estate has gone through massive changes in the last decade. Homebuyers have a different way of purchasing properties now compared to the previous decades. They won’t purchase a property without having a clear idea of the property they want. They depend on internet technology for this information. The most significant among internet-based tools that homebuyers turn to before they decide on a property to buy is the virtual tour.

In fact, homebuyers prefer to browse on listings that feature virtual tours. This technology allows them to view every nook and cranny of the property without being physically in it. It also allows buyers to focus more on the areas of the property that are more significant for them. Virtual tour reality has a massive impact on traditional real estate marketing. For you to get started on your digital marketing campaign, check on these 8 powerful techniques to harness the power of the technology digital marketing brings:

1. Create an Email Campaign

Am email campaign is necessary for generating new leads and keeping in touch with past clients. The emailer should be anchored on predetermined actions that are gleaned from previous interactions and their profiles. SmartInsights stated that emails have an open rate of 27 percent with a click-through rate of 3 percent. 

2. Make a User-friendly and Responsive Website

A site user will only access a site that loads fast and is easy to navigate. When a site has too many links and images, it can be a nightmare to developers. It is necessary to hire a professional web designer who can put order and aesthetics into the site not to mention responsiveness particularly in terms of mobile compatibility.

Almost half of the online browsing is done using the mobile phone. Any real estate business will miss out on several potential customers when the site is not accessible on mobile phones. The mobile-friendly site must include the complete listings, a guide to the company’s process in purchasing a home, and links to related service providers such as moving companies, legal services, and home inspection.

The site must also have a chatbot to handle customer inquiries outside office hours or practically 24/7. It can also make schedules even without direct interaction with the customer.   

3. Write and Post Useful Blog Content

Responsive sites that have integrated blogs have 434% more indexed pages. This can help increase the site’s SEO rankings. It can enhance the company and the realtor’s reputation online and may serve as a repository of information that customers can turn to when they need any real estate-related information. 

4. Set up a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The only way to reap the maximum advantage of social media sites is to create a full-fledged social media marketing strategy. Some of the recommended content that must be shared on social media sites are news regarding the current listings, case studies, relevant articles, team bios, and success stories. 

It can be tedious to share content on various social media sites, but there are tools like Buffer that makes things easy and fast. The golden rule is to share varied valuable content to make it useful to a large audience and not only to create new leads.

5. Make Time for SEO

SEO requires time but without it, your site and webpages will not appear in the higher pages during a relevant search. Google and other search engines constantly change their algorithms. That’s why it’s important to check on the site’s SEO regularly. High-ranking keywords are also necessary for your SEO strategy. Several elements are important to any SEO strategy: social media pages, backlinks, meta titles and site descriptions, and online directories.

Content is king in SEO. It’s wise to come up with a long-form content from 1,140 words and 1,285 words since content like this ranks highest on Google and search engines.

6. Host a Webinar

For a digital marketing campaign to be successful it is vital to spread one’s expertise. It also aids in building an image of authority in the business niche. Fortunately, there are webinars and online workshops that enable an extended audience reach. Some tools can be used for hosting a webinar like GoToWebinar which can be user-friendly for both the host and the attendee. It’s crucial to spread your name and expertise to farther areas if you want to generate more leads.

7. Engage in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Also called PPCit’s a great strategy that realtors can use to generate leads through their ads each time they are clicked. It is an excellent digital marketing technique for those realtors who are looking for potential clients who will most likely become interested in their offerings. PPC ads target users who used relevant keywords when they search in Google and other search engines.

8. Host Virtual Tours

Virtual tours of properties are one of the elements that can make a digital marketing strategy successful. Such tours can share video content, which facilitates revenue generation 49 percent faster than those without virtual tours. A virtual tour can show to a potential buyer the property as if in the actual location for him to have a complete idea of what the property is like. There are a lot of Virtual Tour builders emerging the industry nowadays and Virtual Tour Easy is one of the most notable of them. The following are some of the qualities that can make a virtual tour valuable and successful in a digital marketing campaign: 3D-based and user-friendly virtual tour, the video has to be interactive and responsive across all devices, and real footage of the property and not digital illustrations. 

Author’s BIO

April is a veteran real estate agent from Canada who has been using virtual tours and other digital marketing techniques for years. Her company, Dreamond, has produced several successful digital marketing campaigns that have brought his business instant success. She is also an affiliate marketer for several tools related to digital marketing such as virtual tours from Virtual Tour Easy.