You may have heard that content marketing is the only marketing that works, or maybe also that content is king. Whether you agree or disagree, the truth is that in the modern world full of different advertisements and marketing messages, people become blind towards these attempts and it may easily happen that your banner, logo or spot stays unnoticed. Let’s talk about one of the youngest trends – a podcast!

A Fresh Marketing Tool: A Podcast

What is a podcast? 

No idea what everybody is talking about? No worries, we will guide you through this! Podcasts are episodes of a program available on apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes or even YouTube. They are usually genuine audio recordings, but they can also come from what was originally a program on a radio station, a performance or a lesson. They can be created by anyone – artists, scientists, journalists, and also businesses.

Why should you use it?

As we have already said, podcasts are very trendy at the moment. You should consider adding them to your marketing mix simply because otherwise you are missing out. When you know that people are listening to podcasts these days, why not offer them some?

Another reason is that podcasts are very easy to access. While a written blog requires a full attention and video content can only be viewed at certain times, podcasts are perfect for driving, running, cooking etc. Some people like to concentrate on them fully, while others prefer to listen to them as a background. 

Podcasts usually come in regular episodes, meaning when you finish one, you are already waiting for next Monday when the fresh episode comes out. Imagine making your clients or potential clients so excited about your own content that they cannot wait for your next thing! They might as well even turn on notifications for when there is a new episode! Isn’t that every marketer’s dream come true?

Podcasts support your word of mouth strategy. If you do them well, colleagues and friends are likely to share the buzz with each other. “Hey, I’ve been listening to this inspirational podcast, I thought you might like it, too!” Being close to each other, these new listeners are also likely to be your new potential clients!

How can you do it?

Just like everything else, podcasts have to be done right. Do not imagine this as a spoken advertisement like on the radio. Similar as a blog, podcasts need to have a good topic. In other words, in order to make people listen to you, you need to have something to say! Don’t talk about your business. It is enough to accompany the podcast by your logo and perhaps mentioning your company name at the end, or using it in the name of your podcast. What is your target group interested in? Is it food, business, interviews with successful people? Do a brainstorming and try to come up with as many ideas as possible. Then look at the list again and decide which topics you are able to work with. Think long term – you need to be able to continue in this, so find a topic that makes sense for your company. 

You also have to think about the technical part of this new approach. Do you have a studio, or a room you could use for this? Can you buy the equipment you will need? Being an amateur could cost you listeners. Don’t worry, you can also outsource your podcasts. Create your texts and have a professional read them and record them! 

Cannot wait to try? Let’s do this!